Moon Creek Cemetery (2016) Horror · 31 October 2016
In the 1830's emigrants from Salem, Massachusetts fled their satanic legacy and came to settle in LaSalle County,Illinois. They brought along with them some of their more unpleasant, unsavory past. There were plain wars between settlers and Indians and whites put together a massacre and mass buried them in what became the cemetery. The Moon family were the curators of the plots. Local legend began after such things as farmers being woken up in the middle of the night with loud crashes coming from the cemetery, and then investigating and seeing all the tombstones knocked over. And then there were the murders... MARK A. PIERCE plays "Modus Pettet", an LAPD officer who came back to Illinois after a tragic conclusion to satanic child sacrifices involved a family member. He comes home to his roots to pick up his life and that includes reconnecting with his ex-wife, a Native American princess through descent. DAWNMARIE FERRARA plays "Kat Westrum". She married Modus when they were both young, when she was an exotic dancer known as "Satan's Angel". As it turns out, that is more true than Modus thought. Kat is a satanic abuse survivor, and she knows the dark history of the cemetery can destroy her only surviving daughter, Prima. With Modus coming back into town, she not only has to be concerned with the cemetery's legacy, but having the need to seek help from Modus that could cause more separation between she and her daughter. AMY LAWHORN plays "Prima Pettet". She's a senior in high school and has internal conflicts about her bi-racial make-up and her mother's oppressive insistence that Prima learn more about her Native American responsibilities. Satanic worshippers in Moon Creek are preparing to invoke the being of Lucifer at the cemetery and Kat knows that if that is allowed, the ancestors of her people will never have a way to reincarnate themselves. - Written by Mark A. Pierce
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