Max Embarrassed (1910) Short, Comedy · 12 November 1910
Max makes a great hit with two sisters, but is undecided as to which one he likes the best, and when he attempts to ascertain what the feelings are of the two young ladies, his embarrassment is so great he gives up in despair. Finally he prepares a little verse and drops two copies where the girls can find them, little thinking that they would show them to each other. This they do, however, and decide to be avenged. They write him to meet them at the mountain top and hide in a big barrel until they arrive. Max obeys and when they do finally come they quickly clamp the barrel top in place, and turning the barrel on its side, give it a shove and away it goes, landing finally in a swift stream. Here it floats rapidly along, over rapids and falls, and at last out to sea, and here Max breaks the top off and looks about him. In the barrel he finds a carrier pigeon placed there by the girls before they put the top on; so scribbling a note he fastens it on the bird which flies away to its home. Here the girls read the letter which thanks them for their courtesy and says that he's glad to be rid of both of them. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Cast: Max Linder, Jacques Vandenne, Paulette Lorsy
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