Las Pendejaces del Destino (2013) 28min · Short, Drama, Romance · 1 January 2013
Destiny always screws us over... Or at least we think it does. Sometimes a lack of courage on our part leads us to believe we are destined to live sad empty lives. This story is about the mistakes we think we make; the times we let reason overpower us. Gisela is a young successful engineer. She's lived her life in a way that has left her feeling empty. The only family known to Gisela is her childhood best-friend Manny, who is also an engineer at her firm. After an afternoon of drinks and unsuccessful attempts to fill that void, she takes off to do some soul searching. Gisela then sees Malena a beautiful woman whom she feels drawn to immediately and approaches without hesitation. The strangers decide not to exchange names since Gisela's belief is that destiny is deceptive, but their deep, soulful conversation sparks a connection unlike any other they have felt. Malena invites Gisela into her world introducing her to what she calls her "collective family". They warmly welcome Gisela, making her feel, for the first time, she is part of something. With her words and her beautiful spirit, Malena opens Gisela's heart and frees her soul. With the new day approaching Gisela feels reality creeping in. They say goodbye and part ways. Gisela realizes the mistake she's making by walking away and quickly returns to the group. As she looks around she realizes that Malena and her family are modern-day gypsies. She is quick to reject Malena because of social stature but cannot seem to keep her out of her thoughts. Upon noticing her distance and daydreaming during an important business meeting, Manny gets Gisela to talk. She goes explains the beautiful connection she felt with Malena, but that they could not be together because they lived in different worlds. Manny cannot understand why Gisela would give up an opportunity to find happiness. He convinces her that she's running from what could potentially be her soul mate and they set out to find Malena. - Written by Natalie Vazquez Rivera
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