Interview with the Prince (1) 1h 58min · Drama · 1 January 0001
People of faith believe God to be Truth and the Devil a liar. People of faith pray for answers to their many problems. But what if you had the chance to interview the Devil face to face and he had to give you honest answers? What would you ask him? Military Veteran, Bernard Johnson, is about to have such an experience. Bernard has an isolated hand to mouth existence, not having a job, friends or family that are still alive. His only companions are the unanswered questions he has lived with all of his life. As a child, he was raised in church, his father was a military chaplain. Ironically, Bernard's father is one of his unanswered questions. While serving in the military, on a tour of duty in a foreign land, Bernard's father was killed in action on the very day and hour Bernard was born. His father's nickname was "Prophet", not because of his ministry but for his many predictions, even his own death. Bernard lived his life trying to be like the great stories he heard about his father. He even joined the military, carrying a tiny bible inside the pocket of his fatigues, directly over his heart, just like his father did. What caused Bernard's faith to evaporate to a faint mist is his near death experience while on tour in Iraq. Not because he could have died but because his mother loss the bout with cancer on the same day death was after him. Bernard found it no coincidence death happened again the very day life was both given to him and spared. In conjunction with the latter, this day also marks the 38th anniversary of his father's death. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood... What if the devil was commanded to tell you all about it? - Written by Kenny Rogers (VI)
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