In the Bogie Man's Cave (1908) 6min · Short · 18 January 1908
We are introduced to the interior of a vast cave and the Bogie Man, who commences to prepare a meal, first blowing his fire with large bellows. Then preparing an enormous frying-pan, he places therein all kinds of vegetables, flour, etc., finishing up with a bucket of water. This is not enough to satisfy his bogieship, so he calls for a captive boy, who appears, and on being told he is to become food for the bogie, begs hard for his life. All in vain, the bogie seizes him, carries him to the kneading board and proceeds to chop him into mincemeat, which he adds to the contents of the frying-pan, stirring the whole with a ladle, tasting to learn its progress. While it is cooking he takes a look, draws his chair to the fire and commences to read, after a while he becomes drowsy and falls asleep. Then a peculiar thing happens. From the smoke of the frying-pan a fairy emerges, waving her wand. There appear, one after the other, four gnomes, then following them four white rabbits, followed by the reincarnated body of the captive boy. At the order of the fairy the gnomes take the pan from off the fire, then proceeding to the sleeping bogie they seize him roughly and wake him; then, despite his struggles, they place him on the fire and all with the fairy vanish leaving him there. Escaping from his uncomfortable position and writhing with pain he proceeds to vow vengeance, and pulling on his seven-leagued boots he tries to do as he used to do, but finds his power has gone and the boots are mysteriously withdrawn from his feet. Turning to discover the reason, he sees the fairy and his victim standing before him, and falls lifeless at their feet. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Georges Méliès
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