I Clown You (1) Documentary · 1 January 0001
I CLOWN YOU is a documentary portrait of the medical clowning community in Israel. In case you're wondering, yes, medical clowning is an actual job. A medical clown is a proper clown (red nose, huge shoes - the works), who has received special training similar to nursing, and works in a hospital. The basic idea is simple - to make the experience of being in a hospital less traumatic for everyone - patients, both kids and adults, their loved ones and also the medical staff. Balloons and bubbles are of course innate to the job, but there are many more layers to this seemingly simple play. Medical clowning has its secrets of the craft, in Israel it even has a career staircase, professional education including academic degrees and quantitative scientific studies. Medical clowning lies at the intersection of art, therapy and lifestyle and is grounded in ancient traditions of court jesters and circus clowns. Medical clowning is perhaps one of the most unexpected jobs for Israel one could think of and yet it is Israel that has one of the most developed and vivacious medical clowning communities in the World. (They even export medical clowning!) It is this community that we are excited to bring to the limelight - a unique group of red-nosed philosophers who take it upon themselves to make it better day by day, patient by patient. - Written by Alexandra Kapustina
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