Donkey Skin
Release Date
18 November 1908

Donkey Skin (1908)

15min ยท Short
In this beautiful little fairy story we see a rich old fellow who is the possessor of a magic donkey, and when he is currycombed he sheds gold in profusion, and keeps his master well supplied in wealth. The old fellow has a beautiful daughter and is desirous of marrying her to a man of his choice, but the latter is so ugly that when he is presented to the girl she turns away in horror, and will have nothing to do with him. He shows her beautiful gowns and tries in every manner (with the assistance of her father) to win her, but she is steadfast in her resolutions and finally turn him out. When she is left alone she opens the casket which contains the dresses, and out steps a beautiful Fairy Queen, who promises to befriend her. She advises the girl not to marry till her father gives her the donkey's skin, and then urging her to keep up her courage, the good Queen disappears. The next picture shows us the death of the poor old donkey and when the skin is ready the girl is presented with it; and from that time on is known only by the name of "Donkey Skin." The Queen appears to her again and when the maiden casts the skin from her the Queen picks it up and throws it over her shoulders, telling her to go out into the world and seek her fortune, and that in time she will marry a Prince. We next see her as she leaves the palace of her father and goes away to a farm, where she meets some good peasants, who take her in and give her employment. One day while she is tending a herd of sheep she is surprised to see a splendid looking young man coming on horseback towards her. It is Prince Charming whom the Fairy Queen sends to woo her. After promising to come to repeat his visit he takes leave and the maiden goes back to the cottage. In the next picture we see Prince Charming coming with a large staff of attendants to make love to her. He peeks through the keyhole of her room, and sees her making preparations for her coming wedding, and he does not disturb her, but returns home. The last thing that she does is to bake a wedding cake and, under the guidance of the Fairy, she puts her ring in it. The cake is brought to the Prince and when he eats a piece he discovers the ring and is told that he will marry the one that it fits. We see him trying it on every lady in the court, but it will not fit any. Finally "Donkey Skin" is presented and when he tries it on her, to his deep satisfaction, it fits her perfectly. The concluding picture shows us the betrothal and the happy couple are surrounded by their friends, receiving the blessings of the bride's father. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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