Legacy (2010) Thriller · 1 January 2010
Ari Larsen has resurfaced after a five year absence, still harboring the memories of a childhood no little girl should ever experience. Kidnapped at the age of eleven by her serial killer father, Professor David Larson, and taken on a three week Odyssey of murder and savagery before being abandon in the desert, physically unharmed, but left to carry her emotional scars into adulthood, one terrible fact forever burns in Ari's mind; her father has never been captured. Ari's book, "Daddy's Girl", became a New York Times best seller, and her bizarrely beautiful photography garnered her national attention before the age of twenty. But her past was a weight too heavy to bare, and fame only made it worse. So, without a word, she vanished. Now, the beautiful young woman with the haunted past has returned home (to the same house where her father brutally murdered her mother), hoping to lead something resembling a normal life. But the news media is unwilling to leave her to it. She agrees to do an interview with famed Tabloid TV personality Tandi Lewis, in an effort to dispel rumors that she has become a drugged out lunatic. Ari wants to return to her photography (now somewhat less disturbing), and hopes the interview will help show the art world she's ready to get back to work. But Tandi is only interested in Ari's past, and the interview takes on a gruesome edge, edited to make Ari appear completely insane. Then, a new nightmare enters Ari's world. After the interview airs on national TV, young women begin turning up dead in Ari's little town. The killer's MO: exactly the same as Ari's father's had been years before. Is there a copycat on the loose? Has Professor Larsen returned to resume his reign of terror? Or is Ari really the lunatic that Tandi Lewis has made her out to be? These are questions Ari herself seems incapable of answering in her own mind, as her dreams find her not only a witness to these horrible crimes (as she had been as a child), but with reoccurring images of her own hand holding the bloody knife. - Written by Savage81
Director(s): Stephen Savage Cast: Wolfgang Bodison, Kyrie Maezumi, Will Wallace
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