Hercules and the Big Stick (1910) 7min · Short, Fantasy · 21 June 1910
1. Hercules discovers an excellent method of tanning the skin of the Nemean lion. 2. Without effort he cuts off the seven heads of the Lerneau hydra. E. With equal ease he captures the wild boar of Erymanthus. 4. He checks in dexterous manner the flight of the golden-horned and heaven-hoofed deer of Manale. 5. When the fantastic birds of the Stymphalian Lake play tricks upon him, he quells them with one movement of his hand. 6. Now he destroys the terrible Amazon troop and takes their queen, Hippolyte, prisoner; when he begins to fall in love with her she escapes and goes to the infernal regions. 7. He forces the river Alpheus to give all her water to clean Augeas' stables. 8. In the meanwhile he has an encounter with the Cretan bull, subsequently killed by Theseus at Marathon. 9. As the wicked king Diomedes is in the habit of giving his visitors to his horses for food, Hercules forces these noble steeds to taste their own master's flesh. 10. Hercules, not at all troubled by the three bodies of the giant Geryones, gives them a bad quarter of an hour. 11. Relieving Atlas for a moment of the burden of the Heavens, Hercules persuades him to cast down the golden apples of Hesperides and appropriates them for his own. 12. At last Hercules finds a way of recapturing Queen Hippolyte, by bribing with sausages Cerberus, the dog on guard at her cave, and makes her his wife. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Émile Cohl
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