Heaven's Doors
Release Date
11 February 2006

Heaven's Doors (2006)

12 · 2h 40min · Drama
Casablanca. Late afternoon. Ney, a young man in his early 20's, heads toward his victim's apartment in order to get his revenge. This act will lead to the collision of three different lives. Ney is a young Moroccan man who lives with his blind mother and his little sister. Being the only man at home, Ney feels responsible for his family and decides to find an honest job. He is hired as a construction worker, and is immediately disgusted by the work, while he sees how his two closest friends, Tawfik and Hamza, make more money working much less as delinquents. He starts forgetting his principles and ends up working for a powerful local gangster: Mansour. Ney quickly becomes Mansour's protégé and is given more and more power. Ney's life improves in material aspects but his mother senses where the money comes from and warns her son. But Ney is convinced that the ends justify his means. One day, during a deal, Ney is shot; he survives. Few days before the operation that would give back the sight to his mother, Mansour gives Ney the address of the man who shot him. Ney then prepares his revenge. Lisa is an American woman living alone in Casablanca. Since her husband's accidental death, Lisa broke all relations with her family-in-law. She pours her solitude in Bourbon. She shares her problems with her best friend, Jalil, a single lawyer. Lisa's life changes forever when she hears that she is the only family who remains to the two victims of a murder: Souad and Salim. Souad is in fact her sister-in-law and is in coma, and Salim is her nephew whom she never met. Not knowing what else to do, and being their only family, she reluctantly adopts them. What in the beginning seems to be hell for her becomes her reason to live. Lisa discovers love, she learns to like herself a bit more, and succeeds in becoming a real mother, though she's barren. This newly found happiness is constantly shadowed by the fact that at any minute, another family member could appear and demand custody of Souad and Salim. Smail gets out jail where he spent 15 years after being betrayed by an old friend. He is eager to be out for two reasons. First of all, his mother is very ill and he wants to be close to her. The other reason is obvious. He spent 15 years planning his revenge on those who put him in jail. Not knowing where to start from, he decides to go see former acquaintances who could give him some practical information. He succeeds in finding a gun, and also manages to locate a childhood friend, Omar. Their friendship still remains and Omar, who is out of the business, encourages Smail to do the same, to look ahead and forget about revenge. Omar's sister is Smail's ex-fiancée; he would love to see her but he is afraid. Smail's mother dies shortly after he gets out of jail, and her death makes him feel even more alone. He is lost in this new Casablanca, bigger, more hostile, colder. He spends his days in a small cabin close to the ocean. He will meet people who'll open his eyes. He decides to start all over again, somewhere else. But before, he is determined to perform a last thing that will free him from his past. - Written by Swel Noury
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