Hassan in Wonderland (2014) 9min · Short, Drama, Family · 1 December 2014
A group of kids is playing with toy weapons in a bomb-shattered Baghdad, this way reproducing the terrible reality around them; everyone seems to enjoy the game, everyone except for Hassan. The small Hassan doesn't play with weapons, he prefers his toy cars to the guns and rifles with which the others shoot, chase and pretend to kill each other. Wondering through the city, Hassan reaches a strange place, it looks like a dumpster but it's actually the place in which the cars and the other vehicles that have been destroyed by terrorist attacks are taken to and abandoned. Hassan makes his toy cars run on the vehicles' remains, until he finds a bus, destroyed by a bomb, and gets inside of it: it's a school bus. Among backpacks and schoolbooks, Hassan seems lost in his fantasies, apparently captured by the memories left by his peers. In the meantime, three of the kids that were playing war reach the car cemetery too, continuing to shoot and chasing one another yelling. Hassan hides and sees one of them finding a gun inside a car, a real one this time, not a plastic one. With the gun in his hand, the kid confronts his friends and is about to shoot, for real, but a bomb-alarm goes off just in time to stop the irreparable, reuniting the kids under the common fear. Terrorized, the three kids leave their toy weapons and approach Hassan and his innocent toy cars. They will find themselves happily flying a kite found in the ruins, a much more pacific vision then the one of young people playing war while around them a real war it's actually destroys their lives every day. However, as we get away from the car cemetery, we see a sign warning for the presence of uranium in the dumpster. The war continues to destroy, both deafening as an explosion and silent and lethal as poison.
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