Grandfather's Pills (1908) Short, Comedy · 20 June 1908
A young woman sitting on a bench in the public park is annoyed by an old man sitting next to her and paying her persistent attention. Resenting this ridiculous flirtation, the young lady rises to leave, but the old man tries to stop her, so she pushes him down and is soon seen seeking more peaceful quarters. The old flirt, disgusted, starts reading his paper, when his attention is attracted by an advertisement of some wonderful pills. This remarkable medicine restores youth to the most decrepit and feeble. Charmed by the prospect of once more being blessed with youthful strength and energy, our old beau goes to the specialist, accompanied by his grandchild, and purchases the priceless life restorer. Arriving home, he takes one of the lozenges, and, feeling quite nimble again, goes out, not forgetting, however, to lock the pills away in a glass bookcase. The grandchild, being now alone, breaks the glass window, grabs for the pills, and, having eaten a whole handful, feels supernatural strength flowing through his young veins. He upsets a table on his way out and, coming across some moving men struggling to lift a heavy cabinet, pushes them aside and has soon placed the piece of furniture in the van. From there he goes and defies a heavyweight man, rescues a drunkard from the clutches of the police by throwing the patrolman over a fence, and at last returning home, enters the old people's sitting room. The grandfather, wanting to punish him for his escapade, soon repents, for the young Hercules taking his elder across his knee gives him a sound thrashing, and. expelling him from the room, sits down, smoking a good cigar. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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