Chandralekha (1997) Comedy · 4 September 1997
Loosely based on the Sandra Bullock starrer 'While you were sleeping'& equipped with Fazil's scripting prowess, Priyadarshan whipped up yet another of his trademark 'mistaken identity laugh riots' with Chandralekha. Appukuttan (Mohanlal) is an unemployed man in desperate need of money to help his father fight a civil case. He lands up in the city to find a job with the help of his childhood friend Noor (Srinivasan). Their plans to get a bank loan to fund a small business go haywire. One fine day, Appukuttan ends up saving the life of Chandra (Sukanya) a wealthy heiress and is mistaken by her estranged family to be her husband Alfy. As Chandra sinks into a coma, Appukuttan & Noor take advantage of the situation to earn a quick buck. They black-mail & rope in the house-hold's man Friday Iravikuttan Pilla (Innocent) into their plans of duping Chandra's doting dad (Nedumudi Venu). They almost get away with the plan, when Iravi's daughter & Chandra's best friend Lekha (Pooja Bhatra) lands up in the City. Mohanlal plays the patented Priyadarshan hero - a good-hearted man trapped in a bad situation, trying to wriggle out with his wits. He is ably supported by Srinivasan & Innocent whose roles are also equally naive & lovable. The situational humor, mad cap characters, soulful music and witty one-liners make this movie a Priyadarshan Classic. Watch out especially for the scene where Appukuttan first meets Lekha and escapes her nosy inquiries by thinking on his feet. He laughs hysterically to avoid being comprehended well. So does the audience! - Written by Prabhu Manohar
Director(s): Priyadarshan Cast: Mohanlal, Pooja Batra, Sukanya
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