Finding Oblivion (2014) Sci-Fi · 15 February 2014
It started with an act of terrorism: a dirty bomb -a radioactive attack on American soil that completely devastated the American mid-west and left millions dead or dying. Immediately our government looked to overseas threats -Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan... North Korea... but then the truth came. The attack was not carried out by foreign operatives, but by a coordinated effort of domestic terrorist. America was under attack by its own citizens. The government moved quickly, and with one fell swoop they seized complete control of the country, closing our borders, establishing a curfew, implementing a special police force, and regulating all aspects of our lives. They took control of the internet. Implemented a military draft, took away our firearms, and restricted all air travel. Democrats and Republicans united, and passed a law to give the government complete emergency control for the duration of the crisis. They called this law the United States Security Enforcement Act. It's been nearly 10 years and martial law is still in effect. Unemployment is at 38%. All citizens are tracked through their digital devices. All businesses are owned by the government. Special government police troops patrol the streets, seeking out and detaining suspected terrorist. The population lives in fear. We are prisoners in our own country, held hostage by our own government. Many of us now believe the government was directly responsible for the attacks in the mid-west that killed so many. They used our fear to seize control. The general population starves while the corporate government grows fat. People began to take to the streets, protesting, demanding the truth. The government fought back, detaining and executing thousands in a purge of suspected insurgents. What began as civil unrest may soon become a full scale civil war. This is America. The time is now. My name is Edenfall_318, I'm a journalist, and for the first time since the collapse of America, the truth will be told. This is my story... - Written by Jason Hawkins
Director(s): Jason Hawkins
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