Early Oklahoma
Release Date
21 May 1913

Early Oklahoma (1913)

Short, Western
In the early days of Oklahoma, Joe Turner, his wife and two children settled on a little farm in the southern part of the state. The hardships were many as the ground was new and the Indians still aggressive and heartily detested the white man. Joe Turner's wife was a particularly attractive woman and one day, while Joe was away plowing, Crazy Bear came to the house and tried to make love to her. Joe suddenly arrived upon the scene and promptly kicked Crazy Bear off the place. The half-breed's enmity was aroused and going to an Indian village a few miles distant he incited the Indians towards the whites by giving them his own version of the affair and filling them with whiskey. The following morning, when Joe was in the fields, Emma sent the children out into the fields to play, A few hours later a rancher rode frantically up to Joe and told him the Indians were coming. Joe hurried to the house and ordered Emma to get the children and jump into the wagon to ride to safety. Emma searched for the little ones, but they could not be found. The Indians came in sight of the house and Joe was forced to put Emma into the wagon, and, giving the horses a cut with the whip, shouted to her to "'ride for her life and find the rangers, that he would stay and try to protect the children." Emma rode desperately out upon the prairie. Crazy Bear and his Indians came along. They saw the galloping team, so Crazy Bear sent part of the Indians after the wagon while the rest went to Turner's house. Joe hid in a nearby woods, but the Indians caught sight of him. He took refuge in a big tree. For hours he held them at bay. Meanwhile the children heard the firing and ran to the house. When they came near it they saw the Indians and hid in the prairie grass. Crazy Bear also saw them and in his frenzy had the Indians set fire to the prairie. The children were panic stricken and started to run. Crazy Bear started after them. In his path was a bear trap which Joe had set the night before. Stepping into it, Crazy Bear was consumed by the flames. To escape the fire and the Indians, the children hid in an old well which was hidden by the tall grass. Meanwhile, Emma was making a desperate ride to find the rangers. At last she came upon them. She told her story and they started on the hack trail. When they arrived at the house, they found the prairie a mass of flames. The rangers put the Indians to flight and rescued Joe. Together he and Emma watched the devastating fire feeling sure that the children had either been killed by the Indians or burnt in the fire. After the fire, they searched the smoking stubble for what they feared to find. They stumbled over the charred remains of Crazy Bear and as they hopelessly reached the old well the two little girls glanced cautiously out and were at once seized in the embrace of their anxious parents. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
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