Transient (2015) Short, Thriller · 4 April 2015
Imagine being able to see everything around you. You're never really sleeping, but instead just wandering out-of-body, seeing and hearing everything. Very few people in the world possess this condition. Our protagonist Michelle (30) is overwhelmed by this visceral, conscious experience. Living in the loud city, Michelle's thoughts have always been clouded with unwanted remnants of voices, sounds, and visions as a side effect of her condition. To escape this curse, she moves to the isolated countryside for a fresh start. Finding peace in her new home, Michelle is soon disrupted upon the arrival of a mysterious stranger. The old man (65) introduces himself as Victor, a 'traveler' that is passing through Michelle's land. He also is searching for a fresh start, and has been for a long time. Despite his ominous demeanor, Victor gains the sympathies of Michelle and she allows him to stay the night before he passes along. However, Michelle begins to experience her condition and it worsens as the day progresses. Victor seems to know more about Michelle's condition than she is comfortable with. He then reveals that this visit did not by happen chance, but rather because he was drawn to her and their mutual 'ability.' It soon becomes clear that Victor has ulterior motives, and Michelle's weakness must become her greatest strength in order to stay alive.
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