Christinas Seitensprung (1993) 1h 30min · 1 January 1993
Christina is a happy woman in every respect - vivacious, attractive and desirable. Her husband Thomas, a successful and rather level-headed self-made man, is very devoted to her. And that would really be that - except for the fact that for some time now, Christina has been haunted by a nagging - and totally unfounded - feeling of jealousy. Almost as if she can't trust her own destiny, she is obsessed by the thought that Thomas might be deceiving her. Christina visits psychologists, psychiatrists and analysts, but none of them are any help. Finally, at the urgings of her friend Rosemarie, who is very keen on all things esoteric, she consults a clairvoyant, Gregor Leander. Gregor, who certainly doesn't fit in with any of the clichés normally associated with people trying to make money out of the occult, immediately gains Christina's trust. But his interpretation of her problem baffles her. Gregor says that as a result of her own pathological jealousy, Christina is projecting her own secret adulterous wishes on to her innocent husband. After her initial relief, Christina is soon plagued by renewed fears. If she really wanted to commit adultery in her heart of hearts, she reasons, then the catastrophe might occur unexpectedly any day, and thus ruin her marriage. She decides to take the initiative herself. If she really is going to deceive her husband, then she wants it done quickly and painlessly, so as to rid herself of the delusion and of the whole affair once and for all! Together with her friend Rosemarie, Christina now begins casting around for a suitable candidate. The man has to be uncomplicated, her adultery mustn't have any repercussions, and the whole thing should give her as little pleasure as possible. Ralph, her tennis teacher, seems to be just the right "object of desire". Christina, who sees him as nothing more than a rather primitive lady's man, is utterly astonished at her rendezvous with him when he turns out to be a young, sensitive admirer. He confesses to her soulfully that he has always been secretly in love with her, and that now his yearning is being fulfilled. It's not only Ralph's heart that's aflame at this point though - his jacket catches fire too, giving Christina the chance to dampen her avid suitor's hopes both figuratively as well as literally. After this failure, Christina's choice falls on Professor Oswald. She hopes that adultery with him will finally free her. The taciturn and rather awkward museum director has just one passion in life, however: dinosaurs. A palaeontological find of some bones - taken in reality from her previous day's stew - opens not only the doors to the museum with its giant skeletons but also to Professor Oswald's heart. But once again, Christina's hopes are dashed by events. Unexpectedly, Christina's "find" fits precisely into a dinosaur skeleton which Professor Oswald has been working on for years. He thus becomes oblivious to the world around him, and to Christina above all. But Christina doesn't give up. "Third time lucky", she tells herself, when the ideal opportunity unexpectedly presents itself. Her husband Thomas asks Christina to take good care of Giovanni Cavalli, a prospective business partner. Christina interprets this request in her own way and decides to actually enjoy the act of adultery. But her plans fail yet again. Thomas gets the Italian to join his firm, true - but not because the latter has spent a pleasantly amorous hour or two with Christina. Giovanni finds the attentions of young aspiring actor Frank Amadeus far more pleasant, as Christina discovers to her chagrin. By now Christina has had just about enough of her fateful attempts at adultery. When she loses her way in the fog after a party at Rosemarie's house, however, she suddenly finds herself standing outside Gregor Leander's house. - Written by Anonymous
Director(s): Oliver Storz Cast: Iris Berben, Gerd Böckmann, Michael Degen
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