Boston Brewed: The Movie
Release Date
1 January 2010

Boston Brewed: The Movie (2010)

1h 40min ยท Animation, Comedy
Tommy and John are lazy, drunken, foulmouthed, guys who sit on their bar stools all day and talk about the important things in life. Subjects like politics, religion, sexual relations and debating the finer points of who would win in a battle to the death if The A Team and MacGyver were the participants. ChowdaHeadz is the bar that the fellas turn to when life kicks you in the balls. And as far as Tom and John are concerned life is a black belt, high kicking, ball buster. The best description of the bar as Tom Once said, "If I could sleep here it would save me a grand a month in rent." Boston Brewed the Movie begins as the fun and games come tumbling down around the guys. The lease is up on the building and the new owner has no intentions of keeping ChowdaHeadz and it's beer drinking patrons around. Now Tommy, John and the whole crew from ChowdaHeadz must jump into action and raise the funds necessary to keep the beer flowing at their beloved bar. There is one major problem. How do you squeeze in planning a fundraiser, in between beer drinking, cigarette breaks, making fun of everyone who comes into the bar, along with the people outside who may stumble into their lives, arguing over what Cartoon character from Disney is the sexiest, and passing out drunk at the end of the night?
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