Apocalypse Preppers
Release Date
17 October 2013

Apocalypse Preppers (2013)

42min ยท Drama, Reality-TV, Sci-Fi
The countdown to the end of the world has begun. That's what apocalypse preppers believe. Until now, they have been dismissed as cranks and crazies, but what if those preppers are right? A growing body of scientists are beginning to agree with them. Horrifyingly, experts admit that an apocalyptic event is not only likely, but imminent. This investigation uncovers the shocking reality of their predictions by exploring three ways an apocalypse could play out... First, the return of the Black Death. Many people mistakenly believe the plague died out in the Middle Ages, but the virus strain is alive and well, and on American soil. But how close are we to the next natural -- or worse, man-made -- deadly outbreak of the bubonic plague? Meanwhile, others believe the apocalypse will come in the form of an alien attack. Some believe they have proof that aliens have already tried to make initial contact. But we're not just waiting passively for contact. Scientists and even savvy entrepreneurs are reaching out into the universe with messages hoping to start a conversation. But will that open invitation in face be our doom? Finally, some believe the apocalypse will come from a robot rebellion. What happens when machines become so intelligent that they supersede our decision-making, run our border patrols and replace regular armies? Our days are numbered. The countdown has begun. And we did this to ourselves. - Written by Discovery Channel
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