Antarctica: Journey Into the White Desert (2009) Adventure · 1 January 2009
Antarctica - Journey into the White Desert A vast white wilderness that stretches across the south of our planet; a giant natural laboratory that has long occupied the human psyche. Antarctica is a continent of remote natural wonder. For brief moments each year this hauntingly beautiful landscape opens up, beckoning scientists and explorers from around the world to investigate its frozen secrets. 'Journey into the White Desert' takes us on a mesmerizing visual adventure into this mysterious continent, introducing us to a team of South African scientists, researchers and explorers who have braved the inhospitable continent in the quest to learn its secrets. The film explores South Africa's role in the greatest wilderness on earth and showcases some of the groundbreaking research that could make the difference to our survival on this planet. Millions of years ago Africa was connected to the Antarctica in a land mass known as Gondwanaland. Once again, through the power of film, the vast freezing land of Antarctic will be connected to the mother continent. HONORABLE MENTION: For Creative Approach - IWFF 2010 HONORABLE MENTION: For Storytelling - IWFF 2010 - Written by Anonymous
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