Alien Life (1) 1h 36min · Documentary · 1 January 0001
From new space missions identifying alien life-possible om exo-planets, to exotic extremeophiles on Earth as indicators of prospective alien life possible on Jupiter and Saturn's moons,into the deep space SETI program - to conspiracy theorists who believe an earth-alien secret government is behind a "New World Order" This film covers it all. We also look at such beliefs that alien visits intervened in the evolution of mankind millions of years ago. We ask the hard and the fun questions, open minded, special effects heavy, sometimes supported by clips from science-fiction films of your past, but always at the end with scientific perspective and discipline -we cover the ground only opened up now now by these new space probes. Dramatized components in the film look at possible reactions to news of contact between alien forms and humans, from the good, the catastrophic and the benign to the outright funny. - Written by Pierre Lafrance
Director(s): Philip Jackson
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