Achilles: The Hit (2015) Drama · 2 December 2015
Achilles - The Hit - is based on a short story I wrote a couple of years ago about a local kingpin who owns the most popular Gentleman's Club in town. Born to Siren, a Native American medicine woman, and Tyree, a former gangster from Chicago, Achilles was raised knowing how to fend for himself in the streets. He is no stranger to violence. One night, Achilles' best friend is unexpectedly gunned down. Word on the street is Achilles is next. As information becomes available, it seems as though The Hit was ordered by someone close to him. Was it a double cross? Achilles will stop at nothing to find out who has betrayed him. Local Kingpin, Achilles, aka "Kill", is at the top of his game. Outwardly, Achilles appears to be a successful business man; owner of a Gentleman's Club as well as several other businesses. But to those who know him and his reputation, Kill is also a ruthless leader who demands respect and often, fear, from his associates. He doesn't hesitate to inflict his own brand of punishment to those who don't abide by his rules. Achilles can't help but wonder where loyalties lay within his ranks. So when someone guns down his top dog, Tone, and Kill soon gets word that he's next, he calls in his father for back up. Rumors circulate that a rival gang ordered The Hit to gain more access to Kill's assets. But Achilles isn't so sure. Things just don't add up. With the help of Tyree and his former connections, a broad net is cast to find out who is behind the order. No one is above suspicion as the clock races to find the assassin before he...or she...gets to Achilles first. Who they catch will shock everyone involved. Will Achilles be able to exact his revenge? The Hit is a gritty, urban drama, set in a major city where code, honor, respect and loyalty are put to the test. Achilles' thirst for blood and retribution consume him and his tactics become more and more imaginative and ruthless as he gets closer to the truth. Achilles - The Hit. A story of Power, Money, Respect and Betrayal ...things worth KILLing for. - Written by Liane Moonraven
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