The Vacuum Cleaner (1908) Short, Comedy · 1 August 1908
In this funny picture we see the vacuum cleaner, the modern dust eradicator, performing some very droll tricks. As soon as the fellow turns on the air then the fun begins. It is all accomplished through some clever trick photography. First we see two attendants start out to do a cleaning job, and while they stop to take some refreshments, two men, who happen to be passing, take the machine and start down the sheet to have some fun. They meet a woman with a dog on a leash, and at a turn of the wheel, the dog and its mistress are quickly drawn into the spout. Next a nursemaid comes sauntering down the street, and when they level the spout at her she meets the same fate. A girl and her lover are the next to disappear off the face of the earth, and still they go along, looking for more victims. Coming to a house, one of the men climbs in a window, and when the one outside turns the crank all the furnishings of the house are drawn into the machine. A maid rushes in to find out the cause of the commotion, but before she can look around, she also is swallowed up. As they move down the street they draw up two bales of straw, and then, as they stop in front of a meat store, it is amusing to see all the provisions hopping up and jumping into the machine. Two policemen now become interested in the pair, but pay for their curiosity by being drawn up also. Tired and exhausted, the fellows sit down to have a drink, but while their backs are turned some men steal the machine, and before they realize what has happened, they also go flying up the spout. The end of this film shows the men reversing the wheel and releasing all the victims, and it is an amusing sight to see them all come tumbling out of the spout onto the town in a heap. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Director(s): Segundo de Chomón
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