Fridge (1995) 20min · Short, Thriller · 18 November 1995
***WARNING-MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*** 'Fridge' takes place in the back yard of a Glasgow tenement. Two Neds are harassing a drunken 'jaikie' and an inebriated resident confronts them. A stand off takes place until one of the Neds shuts a young boy in an abandoned fridge. They leave but threaten to return and burn down the tenement. The residents try to open the fridge but are unsuccessful. Panic initially sets in as they fear the young boy will die. They try to find someone to phone the fire brigade but cannot. They sit down on the back steps and continue to drink from a half bottle of Buckfast Tonic Wine. They begin to bicker and the male loses his temper and sets off in search of more alcohol. His partner sits by the fridge and tries to comfort the trapped child. The 'jaikie' attacks and badly beats the woman. Her partner returns in a more drunken state and seeing the ongoing beating, attacks the 'jaikie'. One of the Neds returns and is told of the trapped child. With the Ned's help, they finally force the fridge open and find the boy unconscious. The Ned revives him and carries him home. The drunken resident has by this time discovered that the Ned returned with a can of lighter-fuel, obviously with arson in mind. The Fire Service arrives a little while later and the drunks deny that there had ever been anyone trapped. A neighbour, watching from a window above had called them. - Written by Feararamac
Director(s): Peter Mullan Cast: Gary Lewis, Vicki Masson, Laurie Ventry
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